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Pay Ticket / Fines 

Denver County Court accepts online payments for traffic tickets and outstanding fines & costs on eligible criminal or municipal cases. All credit card payments made through this website will be transacted by the City & County of Denver's payment processing technologies.

 IMPORTANT: When making a payment, you will be directed to a different website hosted by the City & County of Denver, then redirected back to Denver County Court once the payment has completed.

  Terms and Conditions for Online Court Payments
  • I understand that upon full payment, my case may be closed unless I have other sentence requirements that have not been completed.
  • I understand that I must abide by all terms, conditions and payment deadlines of my payment plan and if I do not, additional penalties will apply, my wages may be garnished, and my case may be sent to a collection agency.
  • I understand that, if applicable, I will be redirected to post bond and or address outstanding warrants on the case before paying fines and costs.

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