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Post Bond - Address Warrant  

A Bond is a formal written agreement where a person agrees to do something (such as appear in court) or stop doing something (such as committing a crime). If the person doesn't comply with the agreement, he/she (or a "surety", also called a "bondsman") then forfeits the money paid for the Bond. The purpose of a Bond is to motivate the person to comply with the written agreement and to provide consequences if he/she doesn't. In most cases, a surety (bondsman) is involved and the Bond makes the surety responsible for the consequences of the person's behavior.

This system allows for the following bond types to be posted online:
  • Cash Bond - The defendant or another person can pay in cash via credit card the full amount of the bond to release the defendant from custody.
  • Personal Recognizance (PR) - A PR bond is a signature bond that involves no money or property as long as the defendant appears at all future court dates. The defendant's signature acts as the promise to appear in court. A judge may require additional persons to sign the bond as well, to ensure the appearance of the defendant in court.

WARRANTS: If you have a Denver County Court warrant, you may be able to post bond to clear the warrant and schedule a new court date.

IMPORTANT: The following bond types are currently not available in this system:
  • Professional Surety Bonds - Posting bond as a professional surety (bail bondsman) is in development.
  • Out of County Bonds (OC) - Posting bond for someone being held in Denver for a different county.
  • Civil Bonds - Failure to complete interrogatories.

Use the form below to post a bond online:

Self Service Bonding allows a party to the case or other private party individuals (i.e. friend, relative) to post bond with a credit card. If the party is being held on multiple cases, a separate bond is required for each case. If you wish to post bond using property as collateral, you must make an appointment to do so. Information on how to post a property bond is available on .

To use the form below you will need the Defendant's Case Number(s).

What if I do not have the Case Number(s)?

You may locate in-custody defendant case numbers by using the City & County of Denver's inmate search system.
Inmate Search Available:

To find a case number:
  • Enter the name of the in-custody person Last Name, First Name click Search
  • Select the appropriate person from the results below the search bar
  • The Case Number(s) applicable will be displayed on the left
  • Copy & Paste the case number from the inmate search system into the form below
  • Click Search to retrieve eligible bonds for the defendant